Paris Hilton Hosts The 944 6-Year Anniversary Party

I don’t find any more information about Paris Hilton’s upcoming muscial performance at the “Scottsdale Waterfront”.

However, she is going to host The 944 6-Year Anniversary Party. I think all of this has to do with the Super Ball thing. Here’s the info from

“America’s most talked about socialite, Paris Hilton, is all set and confirmed to host 944 Magazine’s Sixth Anniversary Party, which will precede 50 Cent’s headline performance on Thursday night during Super Bowl Week at 944 Village. Well now that we know that Paris will be there, what exactly will she do? Carly Harrill, the Corporate & Marketing Manager at 944 Magazine, told us that, at sometime after 8 p.m., the star of Simple Life and upcoming movie Repo! The Genetic Opera will appear on the main stage briefly to address the partygoers and talk about the party. During the evening, she is expected to spend a good amount of time in the village’s exclusive Main Tent, where the VIP and celeb crowd are likely to be found. Hilton, who is featured on the cover of the February issue of 944 magazine, will, at some point, sign twenty-five copies of the magazine for pre-selected individuals. If you want to increase your chances of getting a glimpse of Paris, VIP tickets are going for $500, plus taxes and fees, at 944 Village’s website, but prices are subject to change on January 18th. VIP tickets are more than two-thirds sold out, so now is the time to make your decisions about where you want to party on Thursday night.”

Note: They’re using one of those pictures that was shot for her debut album.

Posted: January 28th, 2008
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From: miami1
Time: January 28, 2008, 10:27 pm


New year’s eve=host a party. Sundance=host a party. Super Bowl=host a party. Birthday coming up=host a party.Go to Canada to film Repo=host some parites, go to Boston/Dallas to promote Hottie=host a party. go overseas to promote the perfume=host a party.

Sell, sell, sell, perfume, clothing, fake hair, shoes, etc. Add in Hottie promos and tons of clubbing and you have overexposure doing the same thing over and over and over again.

It might be one thing if she needed the $$$ or the pub or was doing a few entertainment projects, but she’s just going around doing the same, hang out in clubs and giving a “please buy my . . . hair extensions, wine in a can, clothing line, perfume, etc, interview. It’s very boring and getting borderline tacky.

Admin keeps talking about all of her upcoming projects, but really, outside of a few commercial projects, she’s only done jail and Repo in the last year. Simple Life canceled, album, not for a long time, etc. Unbelievably, she’s still overexposed.

It’s getting to the point where I’d rather she just go build that halfway house, go to Africa, or just go to Montana and not be seen for a couple of months before she bombards me with another interview to peddle lampshades, used cars, patio furniture or whatever product she’s going to hawk next.

Paris, mix in some fresh entertainment projects. If all you’re going to do is focus on the commercial work, then please tell us and drop the wine in a can, fake hair, etc and focus on quality and not quantity. I support you, but if all you’re going to do is try and sell everything under the sun, then maybe you really should mix in a big charity project instead. (Although, I’ll admit, I’d rather hear new music or something like that.)

From: admin
Time: January 28, 2008, 10:50 pm

I agree with the fact that she hosts too many parties, but she does it to promote her brand (herself) and make extra cash.

I would love to see her work on big charity projects. That would not only gain her more respect from the public, but help her projects and also, help make the world a little better place to live.

Paris is good at selling small *quality* products, but unfortunately, the public still doesn’t see her as a real entertainer.

In order to have a successful career in music and acting, I think the public first needs to embrace her. This is the difficulty she has. One way to be successful is for her to show the public that she’s a good person (etc) by doing charity work… a lot. As long as you do something good, people will notice it and give you props, but she should be committed and make a true difference.

From: miami1
Time: January 28, 2008, 11:09 pm

I agree that she does it to promote her brand (herself) but enough’s enough. Give it a rest. Especially, if she’s going to bombard the public. I have some friends going to the Super Bowl and I doubt they will care to go to Paris’ party. Even if they did care, why make an effort to go, since you can catch the b-day party a couple of weeks later, or (I’m sure) the shoe line launch party, or the Arbor day party or whatever party she’s going to show up at next? No problem, but it’s pretty old.

HOttie was filmed about one year ago. Simple Life was filmed in about 4-5 weeks in Malibu, with Paris and Nicole slipping off to Hollywood parties. Repo was about 6 weeks in Sept/Oct. That’s it. Otherwise, it’s please buy my television remote control holder or clock radio.

I also agree that the public would probably show some affection towards her if she actually did some of the things she said she wanted to do. It’s her choice not to do them, though.

The public might also be more forgiving if they didn’t see her falling out of SUV’s, hanging from ceiling poles, stripper poles, etc. This is an improvement. At least there aren’t any crotch shots, rude language etc. She may never win over more than small part of the public anyway, so she might as well give her fans something to get excited about. (No, I don’t get excited about Paris Hotels, shoes, or coffee cups. Sorry.)

From: Sabrinia
Time: January 29, 2008, 12:28 am

I don’t think she’s having any overexposure. In fact recently I think she’s been largely out of the spotlight. It used to be where 24/7 there was type updates on her (kinda like their is with Britney) and now? She can go days without any type of update or new pics or anything. She’s just being a VERY smart businesswoman and pushing her brand. There is not a single thing wrong with that.

From: crazzy
Time: January 29, 2008, 10:57 am

Paris’ on the cover of 944 Magazine Feb.2008

From: Jen
Time: January 29, 2008, 6:37 pm

I don’t see any over exposure either.

Miami1 is the one with the problem, Paris seems to know what she is doing and she does not have to explain herself to envious people.

Paris is a business woman, her business is BUSINESS.

From: Jen
Time: January 29, 2008, 6:40 pm

BTW, Paris looks super HOT in the 944 magazine and if that bothers some jealous souls it’s just too bad.

From: miami1
Time: January 29, 2008, 7:20 pm

If her business is business, then don’t promote every venture with a party. That’s not hard to understand. First, there are other methods to promote products, including products like wine in a can. (It’s hard to shed the party girl image and be taken seriously as a businesswoman or entertainer if you need/want to host a party at every/any event, from film festivals to sports events to birthdays, etc.) Second, business is business, but don’t be afraid to be selective with the products/people/places you get involved with, either. It’s like movies, do a couple a year, but if you bombard the public with about 12 movies a year, then they’re going to get tired of the movies/you. With Paris, it’s a new product every month or two, whether they succeed or not.

Calling Paris’ fans (me and possibly admin) jealous and envious is not the best way to keep/grow a fan base. Note that admin also states that she hosts a few too many parties. Is admin jealous or would admin simply like to see a few more entertainment projects or whatever? Who knows, but I doubt that statement comes from jealousy? Some people may actually want her to do a few more entertainment projects instead of having one of her marketing mgrs getting her to pitch fake hair or whatever the product of the month is. I know, I know, we’re just jealous.

From: Dawn
Time: January 29, 2008, 8:04 pm

My question would be why Miami1 feels that Paris has to do things Miami’s way?
Ever heard of free agency?

Paris is doing things HER way, that’s what makes her Paris.

If Miami1 feels she can do things better, why doesn’t he/she get a rep and an agent.
Everyone is a critic these days, especially people who have no talent of their own, except t criticize others that is.

From: miami1
Time: January 29, 2008, 8:52 pm

You have no idea what I do or what industry I’m in. Paris has many fans across a broad number of spectrums. Don’t limit her. You have no idea how successful I’ve been nor what industry that success was achieved in.

Paris has had some successes and some failures. It’s her life, but it’s not a perfect one. No real entertainment successes, save the first 2 years of simple life. Some commercial successes, some flops. I liked admin’s response. It was constructive, even though the point of view was a bit different than mine. Some people think that promoting the brand through incessant parties is not that smart. Especially, since she talks (complains??) of people not taking her seriously as a businessperson or entertainer. There are other methods of promotion, including free promotion.

Broaden your horizons and quit the hero worship. Paris has done well, but she’s not perfect.

From: Dawn
Time: January 29, 2008, 9:30 pm

Well excuse me for concentrating on positive aspects and applauding progress, instead acting like an elephant which never forgets.

Bringing up negative things from the past and belittling Paris serves no purpose. That’s for people with small minds.

Overall, Paris is doing quite well for herself, bashers notwithstanding. She seems to see it that way too, at least that’s what she said in German Elle.

Is there room for improvement? Of course, but we can allow Paris to do things in her own style and at her own pace.

From: admin
Time: January 29, 2008, 9:53 pm

To be honest, I don’t really see an overexposure problem; it’s just that she does (and says) the same things over and over. There was a big overexposure problem during the jail time (and it could’ve caused serious problems for the future), but right now, it’s mostly about her work, mixed in with fake articles.

She’s doing OK, but it’s just that we don’t get to see more from her. Doing autograph signing events for a new product is not a problem. In fact, I find them to be very “Paris” and exciting because she gets to meet her fans and everyone’s happy. We also need to remember that Paris thinks very business-wise.

All the party hostings are getting old and annoying. That’s why I’ve almost stopped reporting them.

I know that the fragrances, shoe lines (etc) are not always exciting projects for all fans. Personally, I’m just fascinated by the empire she has built. All these collections under one big brand is just amazing and inspiring. That’s why I want her to succeed, and she’s generally very good at this, like I said.

However, as I stated above, the problem is what I and many fans have complaining all along, the lack of entertainment in terms of music and (good) movies. We see very little of this other side of her.

Remember when her album was launched? She promoted it a lot by throwing parties and events, and not by doing performances or singing in public. I think that’s what miami1 is trying to say. I’ve noticed this, too. Remember, she said she does music and movies partly for “pushing her brand” (business-wise).

But honestly, I’m not too worried about this, not at the moment, because we’re, sort of, expecting to see more from her. She has completed two movies. Repo! is a HUGE project, I don’t think many people realize this. The second album is another big one. The debut album was also a big one, but it didn’t do so well. It was supposed to cause the effect of “strengthening” her brand (always thinking business-wise).

It’s hard to explain, I guess, but she just needs to do show more or do something different.

Then again, as I said, I’m not too worried about this for now.

Some fans prefer to leave her alone and let her do her own thing, but I like the fan-artist interaction approach (if you know what I mean) because if you have fans, you need to keep them entertained, know their needs, understand what you’re telling them, deliver what they expect from you, etc.

From: miami1
Time: January 29, 2008, 10:32 pm

Agreed, admin. well stated.

From: thewaymouth
Time: January 30, 2008, 1:17 am

Re: “quit the hero worship.”

1), This is not TMZ. Or Perez Hilton. Or even MTV or AOL. This is “PARIS HILTON SITE.” This is the Number 1 site to come to talk Paris.

We come here because we’re fans. We’re not objective. We like her going in. If you want to read objective/negative reviews of Paris, go just about anywhere else on the net & you’ll find them. We come here because we get Paris pumps us up, not down.

& BTW, I don’t just fan worship her, 1), I know what I like & don’t like, the pics, & movies & TV shows — The Hottie & Nottie is likely a dog, & The Simple Life had a good first season, but it went downhill after that; 2), I write to her & try to advise her on what I do like.

I admit if I don’t have anything nice to say about something Paris does, I usually don’t spend a lot of time and energy on it. Because a million others already are, & they are going overboard with it.

Not enough speak up for the good things she does. So here I am. …Rock you like hurricane… from Paris.

2), Anyone can worship whatever they want. That’s why people came to America to begin with.

As long as you were not a native American Indian. But that was then, this is now. Eventually even they were allowed, as they should been allowed all along, to worship whatever they want.

2), In case you haven’t noticed, Paris is THE most hated-on celeb. Period. Yes, Britney & Lindsay are up there, but Paris is the at the top of the list of the most hated-on. This is fact, as the media itself done an in-house poll & pronounced it.

As the most hated-on celeb, we’re not just talking, “Oh, I hate her!” We’re talking, “I hate her & want to see her get beaten raped, & killed… & not necessarily in that order.” She is Number 1 for getting publicly stated death & torture wishes. And she has never hurt anyone.

So of course all that means to us she is THE MOST UNDERRATED ARTIST.

So EXCUSE ME for going overboard — & I admit I do — to compensate for the underrating & the overhating. You’ll have to excuse me, because I make no excuses for being a superfan.

3), Paris is not getting her inheritance, so she is making her living. Her movies & music have not done that well, so she does what she can.

Why is she out pre-promoting “The Hottie & The Nottie” city to city, for a movie that will only get a limited release? She is getting free pub, & love from her fans, & trying to raise excitement for the movie & the people that made it with her. A movie that has not been released/reviewed/panned yet, which I’m sure it will because Paris is in it & the media hates her. AND because no one does a tour like this to push a movie unless it’s a dog. BUT while this promo tour smacks of desperation, at the same time, for herself, & her brand, ie, the same thing, it is sheer brilliance. The movie is not out yet, so the lack of reviews can’t hurt her. So it’s all a big love-in for Paris. She is her own best product.

When she shows up anywhere it’s big news, big publicity for the event. She is the most famous woman in the world. The media will show up. Her fans come out to show their love because they do love her, & they know how hated-on she is. And they know that SHE hears it, & knows it.

In Dallas, the fan who was first in line to meet her, when asked by the media, said he wanted to tell Paris how pretty she is. & while some found this shallow & silly, I thought it was sweet & cool. He wanted to tell her because like me he probably reads online everyday how she’s the ugliest woman that ever lived. When quite clearly she is not. But hate = jealousy = distortion.

4), I say keep the party/club hostings coming, baby. She probably makes the most money per hour for it over anything else she does. It’s good for the event & her.

And if you’ve ever seen the videos out there from these events, she is tremendous at it. She is the best hostess there is. She likes to party, & she likes others to have a good time, she’s a natural. She puts on a show.

I think all these hosting gigs go to show what a natural she would be on stage, on tour. Hell, I would go see her if she was just a host/DJ on a club tour. Every hostess gig means more experience singing & dancing in front of people. If she ever tours as an act, & that is what I want to see from her more than ever, more than anything else, it would be the most fabulously fun tour in the history of pop.

6) …I say, female celebrities are not to be hated & berated,
but rated A for Angels & Devils, I don’t care, but to celebrate them for being Hella Thrilla Brilla Bella Yeahs. We’d all like to be like them so why not like them. Love them & they’ll bring on the bling & show you the love you back. For the more she is hated on, the more I will always love her all ways…