Paris Hilton impressed by Indian fashian

Reported by The Times of India

Your welcome party was the first time you interacted with the creme of Mumbai society. How was the experience?
The party was a lot of fun. Queenie (Singh) played the perfect hostess. There were some incredible people I met there.

Did it live up to your expectations?
I have seen a couple of Indian actors and socialites and they are all so beautiful, exotic and glamorous. What I really like is the way they dress and how women here do amazing eye make-up. The people at the party were so warm and welcoming… I wasn’t expecting it. They were not at all like socialites. Indians are very real and down-to-earth people.

Do you have a favourite Indian designer?
Rocky S is my favourite! When he came to Los Angeles some time ago with an outfit he had designed especially for a photo shoot, I told him I want to wear only Indian designers during my visit to India. I wore a sliver sequined dress for the party by Rocky, and I am totally obsessed with it. In fact, I’ve told him to give me the same outfit in all colours!

What is it about Indian fashion that you really like?
Indians use a lot of warm and bright shades which brings in the vibrancy in their style of dressing. And this is exactly what I love.

Will you be visiting any places in India?
I really wish I could, but my schedule here is really tight. Now that I have finally come here, you will see me more often in India.

Posted: September 26th, 2011
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From: Jen
Time: September 26, 2011, 8:50 pm

Paris is right.

Indians are very attractive people and the women are very feminine and beautiful.