Paris Hilton interviewed at Fairy Dust promo event in San Francisco

Interviewer: What do you do to take care of your hair and skin?

“I have my own hair care line of shampoos and conditioners and treatments, so I use that. I go to the spa for facials once every two weeks. I really take care of my skin; I always moisturize and use under-eye cream. I’ve been doing that since I was a little girl. When I was 12, my mom told me to always take care of my skin. That’s good advice because most girls don’t do it until they’re older.”

Interview: What was it like to shoot the ad campaign?

I was hanging in a harness, so it was really hard to do the shoot. They wanted my legs to be perfect, so I was hanging the whole time, which wasn’t really comfortable. I worked out a lot and did a lot of Pilates beforehand. My outfit was very revealing, so I wanted to be sure to look good.

Interview: Do you think that your party-girl image lines up with the business success you’ve had?

I feel that people don’t know what’s going on. All the tabloids like to talk about is me going to parties, which is what I did when I was, like, 16 years old. I think that some people still see that image even though I’m a businesswoman, I’m running a huge brand and empire. A lot of people don’t know that because the media just likes to focus on making up lies or on negative things. If people meet me or come to my office or showrooms and see what I’m doing, they’re very surprised. It’s good when I meet people and they can see through the misconceptions.


Posted: November 11th, 2008
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