Paris Hilton interviewed by E! about My BFF 2

How is this season going to be different than the last?
I’m stricter. I just didn’t want to be tricked again. I really wanted to really see who they really were. I think it’s easy for people to fake it and pretend. And then you find out who they really were. This season I made it like a sorority, the Paris sorority. It’s about sisterhood, and they have to follow certain rules. In real life, you know, I’m not that superficial.

You mean you don’t have a list of rules for your real-life friends?

What’s your criteria for a BFF?
I’m looking for someone who doesn’t want to be in the entertainment industry. I think when someone wants that, they are just kind of using you to, like, make themselves have a career. I was looking for someone who’s not interesting in Hollywood. Someone who’s more interested in having fun and being real and being trustworthy.

Who’s your real-life best friend?
Doug [Reinhardt, her real-life boyfriend] is my real-life best friend. We’re just always together. I trust him with my life. And we just have the best time.

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Posted: June 1st, 2009
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