Paris Hilton Interviewed By The Associated Press

New Interview!

This has been one crazy Paris Hilton week, with one interview after another, and all the reports. It’s getting hard and tedious to keep up with everything! Tomorrow, it’s going to be even more crazier!

But here we are, giving you the “hottest” Paris Hilton news every day!

Let’s starts with a nine minutes interview with Paris Hilton that was conducted by Bob Tremblay from the MetroWest Daily News. While listening to the interview, you can sense that Tremblay isn’t very informed about Paris and hasn’t been up-to-date with her, but he still manages to do a very good interview with her, compared to other interviews. Almost all of his questions were about her projects! Paris also says again that she’s working on a second album.

In his article, Tremblay wrote: “Folks who want to hear more of Hilton’s vocal stylings are in luck, as she says she is working on a second album.”

This is what happens when a very nice and perhaps, an uninformed person meets and interviews Paris Hilton!

More news tomorrow! And don’t forget to catch another Paris Hilton interview with Ellen DeGeneres, and finally the shoe launch at Macy’s. (And the movie…!)

Posted: February 7th, 2008
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