Paris Hilton interviewed by Time Out Dubai

Below is the interesting part of the interview, but you can read the rest at Time Out Dubai.

The conversation is going better than I could have dared hope. The unpredictable diva I had imagined is really a friendly chatterbox. Alas, the same can’t be said for her PR team.

‘Perhaps you’d like to ask Paris more about the show and her new store in Dubai,’ one of them interjects. I don’t particularly want to do that, but I also don’t want them to manhandle me out of the room either. So I turn back to Paris and ask her how the idea to film here in Dubai arose. ‘We had all these other territories that wanted the show, but I thought it would be interesting for me to experience something new,’ she says.

Apparently, the plan is to build the My New BFF programme into a global franchise, with Hilton searching for pals across the world. If she was an army, you would describe her as having global reach.

We’ve at least doubled the allotted time for the interview and I’m told it’s time to wind up the conversation. I finish by asking what she considers to be the main focus of her career – model, socialite, actress, singer, or businesswoman?

‘You know I love doing everything,’ she replies. ‘I’m releasing a new album soon and I’ll continue with my fashion brand. But eventually I would love to open my own hotels, casinos nightclubs and restaurants. I think I’ve done pretty much everything I want except real estate.’

And with that she rises from her chair, bids me farewell and glides out of the room followed by her assistants. I head in the opposite direction to catch a taxi and think about her final answer. It would be easy to dismiss Paris as a party girl; a rich young woman who has courted fame without talent. But, while other It Girls come and go, her star shows no sign of waning. Brand Paris Hilton is growing via the TV shows, YouTube spoofs, shops, fashion label and one day, perhaps, her own chain of hotels and nightclubs. Maybe she does know exactly what she is doing after all.

Posted: June 22nd, 2009
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From: admin
Time: June 22, 2009, 8:53 pm

You hardly learn anything new from this latest interview. They sent out a reporter who knows very few things about her, and the PR guy pressures him to talk about her projects. Hah.

The thing that really annoys me is that interviewers always ask fun personal questions because they find them more interesting, and same with the public. But I completely disagree with them. Her private life is not what’s important and what we need to know. She has to reinvent and promote herself through her work.

Anyway, I guess I’m just complaining because news has been boring and slow, but also, there are a lot of fake stories out there these days, and these annoying stories gain a lot of attention from the public!

Ah, well. Anyone misses the Repo! days?

From: scot
Time: June 22, 2009, 9:15 pm

I feel your pain admin. Its really quiet frustrating. I mean this interview is positive and Paris impressed him but we didnt learn anything. The whole point of interviewing someone is to get information, new information. I understand the need to promote my bff dubai and her Paris stores but they can explore her other projects coming out, thats still advertising her brand so her handlers can’t be upset about that. Glad Paris is talking about her upcoming album even if it is just ‘got a new album coming out soon’ atleast we know she’s thinking about it. Maybe the whole focus shifts to her music when she gets back. Wishful thinking!

From: Math M
Time: June 23, 2009, 10:09 am

I agree. but I also like the part when she said she was releasing a new album ‘soon’.

From: Jen
Time: June 23, 2009, 6:41 pm

Oh well, it would be next to impossible to separate Paris and her private life in interviews.
She is a Hilton and a stunning beauty, so of course people like to know who she is seeing etc and what she is doing. Her private life is NEWS , I want to know all about it too, lol.

But it’s irksome when people make up lies or turn little things, overlooked in other celebs, into huge “problems”.

Like so many of her fans, I feel protective toward Paris and it really gets to me when I see her treated unfairly.

From: scot
Time: June 23, 2009, 6:43 pm

With soon, I think what Admin said a few weeks ago. It’s going to have something to do with MTV and the BFF finale or the Paris, Not France doco. There has got to be a tie in there. My bet is a new music video. But the finale is in a few weeks and Paris is still in Dubai for another week or so… So hopefully the first thing Paris does when she gets back is shoot the music video, promotes Siren and then we get the album!

From: admin
Time: June 23, 2009, 8:12 pm

All the lying in the media is probably the main thing that bothers me the most when I do my Paris Hilton research every day. It depresses me. It’s just incredible how much crap there is out there, and how people believe everything they read.

But yet, it’s always the same websites that publish these lies. Websites such as and need to be shut down. Other websites must stop quoting them because they have no credibility. Paris should strike at them. It would reduce the number of the fake articles…

You guys know the latest fake article that Paris Hilton shot down? About her room being bugged or something. Well, I think came from another UK site: Actually, I’m sure it did.

Anyway………………………. Yes scot, it makes sense. They should air the doc after the finale, and then the album. But you never know. To me, it makes sense, so we’ll see how things will proceed. 🙂

From: juju
Time: June 23, 2009, 11:56 pm

E! news reported that her room was bugged. i thought it was true since they tend to be reliable, so i’m glad to hear it’s not.

I just keep thinking paris is due for a big break.

From: JWB
Time: June 24, 2009, 2:12 am

The bikini pics of Paris in Dubai on the beach are gorgeous. Thankyou again Paris.