Paris Hilton Is Doing Better: X17


So are the fans, and we’re so proud of ya Paris! And always¬†stay strong!

An X17 eyewitness told us today that there was a noticable improvement in Paris’ demeanor this afternoon. Perhaps not coincidentally, Paris released a statement saying that she would NOT appeal Judge Sauer’s decision to have her finish her 45-day sentence in jail. It seems she’s stepping up to the plate and has decided to tough it out.

Now here are some inside details on Paris’ situation at the Twin Towers Facility in downtown LA where Paris is currently being held:

– she is alone in a room with four beds
– she gets two cold meals a day at 7 and 11 am and one hot meal at 6 pm
– she has been eating at least some of her meals today
– Paris is allowed one hour/day on the phone and has a phone in her room
– she is NOT on suicide watch, but is checked on every 30 min by staff at the jail
– Paris does not have a television in her room by has access to one in a community room that she has chosen not to visit
– perhaps motivation for her positive shift in mood was the threat of being transferred to the eighth-floor mental ward if she had continued to deteriorate
– she is currently in the MSB (Medical Services Bureau) on the fourth floor

Our source tells us that if all goes “well,” Paris will be transferred back to Lynwood on Monday morning, but there’s one hitch … Lynwood doesn’t want her. Here’s why:

– the warden there (and apparently Sheriff Baca) believe the jail is understaffed and unable to ensure her safety
– our source said staff at Lynwood expressed fear of what they believe to be a high risk of Paris being stabbed during recreation hours where the jail population comes together in large groups
– also, jail staff at Lynwood were annoyed with the new rules imposed the first time Paris was encarcerated there … the entire staff was banned from carrying cell phones, iPods, or any other recording devices for fear that images of Paris in jail would be leaked … because of insufficient staff, many guards work overtime and rely on cell phones, PDAs, etc to get them through the day

The source tells X17online exclusively, that the situation with Paris going back to Lynwood is not good … He fears that after her having been there, having been sent home, and now, likely being sent back, staff and inmates at Lynwood will be looking to give Paris a hard time. He said he fears for her safety.

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Posted: June 9th, 2007
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From: Mat
Time: June 10, 2007, 5:30 am

At least some good news.

From: thewaymouth
Time: June 10, 2007, 7:28 am

I’m glad Paris is feeling better. I figured she must be if she is dropping the appeal.

THAT I am not glad about, nor do I understand. Even if Paris is being treated better at the moment, she should not trust that is going to continue. Even if Lynwood does not want her back. With Paris dropping the appeal, the pressure stays off the judge. He will continue to do what he wants & he may order her to go back to Lynwood, over any objections of the sheriff & doctors.

I would not trust ANY situation or set-up in incarceration. Period. But especially for Miss Hilton. Especially after all that she’s been through. The ONLY reason I can see her dropping the appeal is that her lawyers have had a chance to fully explore the option & have decided the likelihood of winning is very poor. & of course, in the meantime, the hate-on would only be further inflamed.

But from what I’ve seen that has happened, & what lawyers have said publicly, NOW she has a great case. The judge disagreed w/the sheriff’s decision & made Paris pay for it. Paris did not exhibit bad behavior but was feeling ill. She should not have been sent back to jail, never mind have the sentence ratcheted back up to the max of 45 days. AND the sheriff is supposed to have control over his own prisoners, not the judge.

Paris should appeal Friday’s decision both for herself & others to follow. What has gone on from day one is so harsh & cruel. She has so repeatedly, both in & out of court. Never mind that it has been & will continue to be cruel & harsh on her family, friends & fans who have supported her through this. She may say she does not, but I fear for her till she is finally released.

I wrote to her again yesterday – at Lynwood – who knows if she will get to see any of my letters. Understanding there was an appeal in place, this is how I ended my letter:

“What is being done… is most unfair to The Most Fair.
Stay gold. Stay strong. Stay sweet. Stay free.
No prison can hold Paris. Till Victory!”

From: thewaymouth
Time: June 10, 2007, 7:31 am

Correction from above: * What has gone on from day one is so harsh & cruel. She has SAID so repeatedly, both in & out of court. *

From: monster
Time: June 10, 2007, 9:24 am

Best wishes to her and her family. I hope she’ll endure her time in jail.

I’ve never seen people so agitated over the news than in the last few weeks.

Where have the American virtues of Laissez-Faire, tolerance and promotion of prosperity and wealth gone?

Can television destroy common sense?

I wish Paris and her family would move over to mainland Europe. People are much more tolerant here!