Paris Hilton Is Going To Hvar Island For The Week End Nicole Richie may join Paris and Nicky later.

Rumours have been going round for the past few days of Paris Hilton arriving at Hvar, and today, this news was confirmed by the Croatian media.

First to arrive was Nicky Hilton, who, according to unofficial information, landed at Split airport in disguise, where she has set out for the island of Hvar. She will be soon joined by her famous sister Paris.

The reason for Paris` later arrival is obligations. The famous heiress has a promotion of her new fashion line in Los Angeles these days, so when she is done with her work, she will visit the Adriatic Sea.

Of course, the Hilton sisters are planning to visit the Hvar-based Carpe Diem club and they will not miss a trip to the pearl of the Adriatic- Dubrovnik.

Posted: August 17th, 2007
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