Paris Hilton Is Officially Single Again

Josh Henderson is much more easygoing. “I love games like this one, where you can play against friends or online,” he says of Halo 3, which debuts to audiences worldwide today via Xbox Live. “I’m very competitive.” That trait must have been what helped him win over Paris Hilton for the short time they were an item.

“We’re friends,” he says of the heiress. “Her world is so crazy right now. I’m just trying to give her my thoughts and wish her the best. It’s a tough time for her. And for me, I’m just trying to focus on my work and finish my music.” That’s right, Josh, you’re young, and you should¬† think of yourself and complete that album you’ve been working on for three years now.

Moments later, guess who walks in? That’s right, Miss Hilton. She sneaks through the side entrance with sister Nicky to avoid the reporters out front. At first, she and Josh ignore each other. Paris flaunts around man land in a summery spaghetti-strap dress that probably won’t see the light of day come June 5.

Then, just after she dodges the 16th camera man at the party, it happens: She scouts out Josh. The two talk for a while in front of a gawking crowd, but there’s none of the so-sweet-it-makes-you-sick PDA they displayed last month.

Looks like for the first time ever, Paris has more serious things to worry about than boys.



Posted: May 16th, 2007
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