Paris Hilton Is Stronger Than

Sure, it was a huge embarrassment to have witnessed all her private belongings end up on the internet, thanks to, but it seems that Paris won’t let the people behind the scandal stop her work.

Maybe, perhaps, ParisExposed wasn’t what we all expected to be since most of her fans still stand behind her, and because the things that came out of ParisExposed weren’t as outrageous and humiliating as the previous major event she suffered back in 2003. Well, maybe except, for the herpes and drug revelation.

Paris was seen yesturday working and doing photo shoots for Fila Korea – new 2007 model. The shoot was also intended to portray Paris’ life by making her shop and drive with her actual cars, Bentley and Range Rover.

As for, well, as you know the storm has calmed down a lot since the past 24 hours, but it is expected to make another strong come back soon, no doubt. It still continues to run and to make money, but they have yet to add new shocking content.

No words yet on the lawsuit as of Monday.

Posted: January 29th, 2007
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