Paris Hilton lands in Maui safely

Reported by CNN

Travel safety waits for no celeb: Paris Hilton was among the passengers asked to deplane from a Delta flight headed to Maui from Los Angeles on Tuesday after a small knife was found on board.

The cutlery was described by a Delta spokesperson as a “small catering knife,” the kind of utensil the flight crew uses “for normal things.” The spokesperson told CNN that the knife was left behind and then discovered, and in order to be cautious, the crew asked passengers to evacuate the aircraft so that they could do a security sweep.

A rep for the reality TV star tells CNN that “Paris is safe and well,” adding, “It was a very frightening situation that a knife got on a plane, but thankfully no one was harmed.”

The Delta spokesperson said that passengers have since re-boarded and the flight was scheduled for take off.

Posted: December 21st, 2010
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