Paris Hilton Launches Sportswear Line

Who says a hotel heiress known mostly for her ability to smile can’t design?

Apparently, no one. On Wednesday, Paris Hilton launched her new juniors clothing line.

Cappuccino-armed buyers and junior-wear enthusiasts gathered in the downtown L.A. Fashion District’s California Market Center to get a look at Hilton and her sportswear line, which, (un)surprisingly, is not very sporty.

Apparently, that’s a minor detail in the world of Paris, who opened the show with a decidedly rehearsed welcome/thank you to the Dollhouse clothing brand — creators of her line — for allowing her to put her stamp of approval (i.e. her logo) on whatever they ultimately came up with — more or less.

What was paraded on the runway turned out to be pretty similar to the current trends of the tween/teen generation. It stayed mostly in the range of bright pinks and greens, with low-cut baby-doll dresses paired with interminable black leggings, and large sequin-adorned tops.

Hilton closed the show with a stroll down the runway, wearing metallic white jeans and a gold sequined tank, presumably from her own line. Camera flashes assailed the space around Hilton’s grinning face — a face that said, “Get a good look, because you’ll probably never see me wearing low-end denim again … ever.”

Sentiments around the refreshments table? One middle-age buyer described the line as “horrible.” Nevertheless, teen girls around the globe are probably placing early orders for their Paris-approved cotton-blend frocks, like, yesterday. Hilton’s sportswear — for those who care — will be available in department stores this fall.

I’ve read this sort of negative and hypocritical attitude many times, always mentionning that Paris only participates by allowing her designer to put a “stamp of approval” on clothes (like as if she’s the only celebrity who does that) but in fact, most of what Paris launches is actually inspired by her and her personality. She also always checks and approves and disapproves everything (according to her).

Anyway, watch out for some more clothing lines from Paris in the near future!

Posted: April 10th, 2007
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