Paris Hilton Left New York

Paris Hilton went from Canada’s biggest city to Canada’s second biggest city. And then, she travelled to US’ biggest city.

Is she going to go back to Canada’s biggest city to film Repo! or one of US’ biggest cities to go back home?

No, she’s going back to Toronto to start shooting her scenes! Wish Paris luck!


Paris is going hate me for saying this. You know when she holds these movie scripts and music books so that the paparazzi can clearly capture them? It’s a powerful message actually! The message is “I want to be taken seriously as a singer” or “I want to be taken seriously as an actress”! The message also says “hey, even if the haters, interviewers or media don’t ask questions about my career, I’m rubbing you these in your face, because in real life I’m still working hard to become a true singer and actress!”’s crazy thoughts…

Funny enough, it didn’t seem to impress TMZ because they didn’t mention she was going back to Toronto to start filming her Repo! scenes!

Listen to this paparazzi asking Paris “What’s your advice for Britney?” Hey you really think we care? Actually, he was looking for drama so he can show everyone that he Paris said this or that about Britney. The real and nice question should be “Are you excited to start filming Repo!?” But no they always ask her dumb questions!

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Posted: September 25th, 2007
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From: Laica
Time: January 9, 2008, 6:21 am

i am your fan paris hilton,you are so beautiful your my idol please answer this comment,and can you be my friend……..answer this comment please