Paris Hilton on the Wendy Williams show on Wednesday


She’s still hot, but now she’s also “huge,” the one and only Paris Hilton is stopping by to chat with Wendy.

Paris tells Wendy about her new boyfriend, what she likes to do on date-night and even the name of her new teacup pig in an exclusive!

Plus, an interview with Paris wouldn’t be complete without the diva fan!

Then, Amerie performs “Heard Em All” off her new album.

This is going to be one HOT and HUGE show that you simply can’t miss!

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Posted: November 3rd, 2009
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From: kevin
Time: November 4, 2009, 1:11 am

Does anyone know which channel this show is going to be on? I’m also a fan of Amerie and want to see her perfoem “Heard Em All”

And also Paris just tweeted today saying that she’s in the studio working on some music & today I bought her Siren giftset for my friend’s 18th birthday! It was $60 with tax and it came with the 3.4 bottle, lotion, body-wash, and a rollerball 🙂 great deal at Macys.

Enkil, does Paris have any events going on in California anytime soon? My friend lives in Santa Monica and I’m going again late November and December and I want REALLY want to meet Paris at a meen-n-greet for Siren or her hairline or something. She did SOOOO many the last 2-3 years and idk why she isn’t doing them anymore!

From: kevin
Time: November 4, 2009, 7:44 pm

Just watched the Wendy Williams show. Deff one of the best interviews I’ve seen her had in a while.

On the second half they were talking about her music and playing some during the comercial break. I guess that it’s going to be out “sometime next year” and that Dr. Dre’s prodigy and that she might collab with Snoop Dogg. Also she said that next time she comes to the Wendy Williams show that she wants to perform!

If a Dr. Dre prodigy (I’ll look into who it is) and Snoop Dogg are going to be featured on the album that means it won’t be all dance but hiphop/r&b too! SOO excited! Finally were starting to get some consistant news on her new album!