Paris Hilton rejecting reality TV offers

Reported by Daily Sun

Paris Hilton isn’t interested in being on TV any more.The former ‘Simple Life’ star is more focused on her business ventures and DJing around the world than living her life on camera and would never do another reality show.

She said: ”I get offered reality shows all the time but I turn them down. I am really enjoying being a businesswoman and not living that kind of life on camera.”Now I’m just really focused on my business empire and my DJing. I’m happy not doing reality TV anymore.”One of the reasons why Paris wouldn’t return to reality TV is her 39-year-old entrepreneur boyfriend Thomas Gross, who is very private.

She said: ”He’s very private so he’d never want cameras following us around.”The 34-year-old heiress also claimed she leads a very ordinary life when she isn’t working, though she is too busy to watch TV.

Posted: November 23rd, 2015
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