Paris Hilton Reps: No Questions About Her Personal Life

For almost every interview, Paris Hilton’s publicists and reps, have banned all questions regarding her personal life from interviewers. I think this only applies for mini-interviews, not major ones, like David Letterman.

If a reporter dares to ask Paris a question about her love-life, the interview is quickly cancelled.

I reported this rule a few weeks ago. The goal is to make the interviewers and reporters ask her questions about her career. Right now, all questions are supposed to be about “the Hottie and the Nottie” and other projects.

Since Paris is mostly famous for her personal life, I believe this is an excellent rule. I’m fully in favor of it, because it will help us learn new things about her career. As you know, in most interviews, the questions are about her private life. One question after another, and they are all the same ones.

Here’s an email that a reporter, Justine Elias, who interviewed Paris, received from one of Paris’ handlers:

“Hi there –
“Attached please find the production notes for THE HOTTIE & THE NOTTIE in preparation for your PARIS HILTON interview tomorrow.”

Later, the same rep sends a friendly reminder to the reporter:

“This FRIENDLY reminder is that Paris will not address any personal or uncomfortable questions … PLEASE exercise caution and discuss this with all who need to know. Her publicist will stop the interview if you go down that … DARK PATH!”

In preparation for another interview, Jonathon Aubrey, the regional rep for Regent Entertainment, says this to a reporter, Tom Maurstad:

“No questions about her private life. You’re only allowed to ask her questions related to the movie.”

Posted: February 3rd, 2008
Comments: 3


From: juju
Time: February 3, 2008, 9:38 pm

not surprising, it’s the industry standard to give interview notes and guidelines. and most stars are now bannng personal questions given the degree of intrusiveness and vouyerism into their personal lives. any star whose personal life overshadows their professional life now risks career-suicide to let that happen.

From: Django
Time: February 4, 2008, 4:44 am

Yes, I have seen instances of reporters not being allowed to ask about certain subjects before, but of course because it’s Paris, some reports of her reps doing this tend to get some people’s backs up and they act as if it’s special treatment or something.

From: Dawn
Time: February 4, 2008, 5:01 pm

I’m glad Paris is wising up and keeping her personal life private. She does not owe anyone any explanations.
It’s bad enough she was targeted so often by unscrupulous people when she was younger.

Moving into a gated estate and only coming out for work or special events is also a smart move.
Everyone in the world knows who Paris is and she does not have to cater to papps at this point.