Paris Hilton reveals her beauty secrets

Quote from Into the Gloss

“Ever since I was a teenager, my mom always told me to stay out of the sun. That was her secret, and I always listen to her. That’s definitely one of the most important things: taking care of your skin. I get facials every single week from Angela Nice in Beverly Hills—she’s the best.

I’m really into buying beauty products. I’ve been using skin creams and eye creams since I was a little girl. I love Crème de la Mer, La Prairie—they have the best eye creams and serums. I also love using serums that have stem cells. My favorite is SkinCeuticals—it’s 90% stem cells, or something. It’s really good. I believe in skincare, definitely.

I love makeup, especially Chanel eye shadows, bronzer, and lip glosses. My favorite foundation is Armani Luminous Silk. And I love Nars Orgasm Blush. I love eyelashes and being girly and feminine and sexy. And I love eyeliner, so when I’m going out, I like to have that look. Tonight I did my own makeup, but I prefer to have someone else do it, because sometimes I get too lazy—I like sleeping or chilling while they put it on. But I don’t wear makeup every day, just when I’m working, or at an event. At home, I never wear it. Everyone says I look better without makeup, that I look like I’m a teenager. They’re like, ‘You have such perfect skin, you don’t need it.’ It makes me feel happy when people say that.

For my hair, I use a lot of Kérastase products—all of their beauty masques. I get my hair conditioned, like, every single day. I go to Tracey Cunningham for color, or Michael Boychuck if I’m in Vegas.

I have 16 of my own fragrances, so I only wear those. I just love the business, I have so much fun with it. The fragrances have become so successful, I feel very proud of the empire I’ve built. They do well around the world, but the biggest markets are in Asia, the Middle East, Brazil, Germany, Russia—those areas are major. My fans collect all the bottles.”

Posted: March 10th, 2014
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