Paris Hilton reveals her new skin care line in an interview with InStyle magazine

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Sometimes you come across a topic of conversation that just ignites passion in your friends. For some, it’s hair care. Mention Gigi Hadid and expect zero productivity for a good 15 minutes. For others, it’s copying Kylie Jenner’s matte lip look — and scoring every product she launches on the first try.

For Paris Hilton? Well, girl eats, sleeps, and breathes all things beauty. At least, that’s what I got after asking her about her beauty transformation, the products she lives for, and being a beauty entrepreneur, if you will.

In case you’re unaware, Paris is the proud owner of a makeup line, a hair care line, and, brace yourselves: 21 fragrances (19 out now with 2 on the way this summer!)

We met at The Plaza Hotel for our modern-day Marie Antoinette shoot (minus the beheading), where Paris arrived in sky-high platforms, oversized sunnies, and head-to-toe black. Make no mistake, she is a presence, but incredibly down to earth. There, she immediately changed into hot pink Juicy Couture sweats — I was a proud adopter of early aughts fashion and, um, The Simple Life, so this was monumental, naturally.

“I really loved a lot of color. I wore MAC all the time—that was the biggest brand for me back then. I lived for their lip gloss,” she told me of her beauty habits back in the day. “…I really liked the Barbie look.”

I think we can all recall memories of Paris and Nicole Richie in similar garb, pigtails, and lots and lots and lots of gloss. Today, it’s less about the Barbie world (except the sweats, obvi) and all about skin care.

She says she’s been particular about it since a young age, seriously following her mom’s advice when it came to care and prevention. And, the amount of time and dedication she puts into her routine is impressive — and that’s an understatement. I thought my regimen was intensive…

Paris dedicates an hour in the morning and an hour at night just to her skin. Aside from obviously taking off her makeup before bed, she’s also slathering on moisturizer, serum, night cream, and basically all things anti-aging.

She attests to treating her face to masks and facials every few days as well. Oh, and you better bet she has suggestions.

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Posted: May 5th, 2016
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