Paris Hilton Says TMZ Is Unbias And Fair

They are now, but a few years ago they weren’t, I believe.

Before Paris Hilton was released from Lynwood this morning, her lawyer, Rich Hutton, slipped Harvey Levin a personalized sketch and note from the heiress herself.

The drawing, a self-portrait of Hilton at a pay phone inside the jail, features Paris in her jail issue with an incredibly accurate depiction of our fearless leader hosting “Larry King Live” on television in the background.

Sorry folks, you ain’t gonna see this one on eBay.

Posted: June 26th, 2007
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From: andrejfromlatvia
Time: June 26, 2007, 12:53 pm

I think that I’am first who saw that this drawing is not her !!!
1.First paper is much lighter than second !!!
2.At first picture, How we can see text through paper in this projection ???she don’t write through mirror !!!
3.Pencil at second picture is much larger !!!
4. Again all this diformation of paper is like mirror….
5. Diferent styles of writing….
6. Her Signature at first picture is not true,she always write “R’ not a “r”

I know I’am profi……