Paris Hilton to advise court if she intends to pursue a counterclaim of $125,000 against Pledge This! investors

According to court documents, by October 15, Paris Hilton will inform the court if she intends to pursue a counterclaim for her bonus of $125,000 against Pledge This! investors. She claims that she was never paid a promised $125,000 bonus.

The documents also explain that she and her team did cooperate and respect the contract, except on two occasions where they breached it by failing to comply with certain requests. The judge dismissed most of the claims made by the investors.

It is also stated that “to find Ms. Hilton was unjustly enriched and award the $160,000,” the court must find that the services she provided do not amount to a million dollars. Both parties are requested to provide expert reports and briefing on this issue before October 15.

Posted: September 3rd, 2010
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