Paris Hilton To Disappear During Summer Before Going Back To Work

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Paris Hilton will leave us this weekend for a well-deserved summer break in Malibu before facing an “incredible work schedule.”

ET has learned that since PARIS HILTON’s release from jail just after midnight on Tuesday morning, the celebutante has rented a $2.9 million dollar beach house in Malibu for the summer.

And although we are not revealing the exact address to protect Paris’ privacy, we have learned that she could be moving into the 2,258-square foot, two-bedroom, three-bath, on-the-water home as soon as this weekend.

Sources also tell ET that the star’s parents, RICK and KATHY HILTON, may be renting a separate house for the summer nearby.

As for Paris’ other post-jail plans, our CHERYL WOODCOCK spoke with Paris’ manager, JASON MOORE, on Tuesday morning. He tells ET that Paris is talking to LARRY KING Wednesday night, doing a magazine interview and then taking a few weeks to rest. He adds that Paris has an “incredible work schedule” ahead of her over the next several months, with launches of perfume and other products.

And the heiress is staying true to her glamorous image back in the free world — this morning, she had a 9:30 a.m. at-home appointment with Dream Catchers Hair Extensions.

In an interview with RYAN SEACREST of “E! News” about her jail experience last week, the 26-year-old heiress said that once free, “I just want to start using what I’ve been given by God to bring light to causes that I believe in.”

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This shouldn’t have happened because I believe she still has to catch up with her career and she has already wasted a lot of time in the past few months, but now, I think she really deserves a break.

I hope that her “incredible work schedule” will include many “creative stuffs” from her. Let’s just put it that way, but it will probably mostly be clothing and jewelry collections for now.

Posted: June 26th, 2007
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From: ec
Time: June 27, 2007, 6:24 am

The reason why I am writing this is because I know how picking the right career can be very important in one’s adult life, since this is how most people will be able to earn a living on their own. I have also struggled to find my place in life or where I will fit in and be accepted by others, i.e. my way of making a living and so I sympathize with her in many ways.

I kind of think that Paris was destined to be a fashion runway model. I have seen pics when she had cat whiskers for halloween. If she stuck to just fashion modeling and not try to go into music or acting, she might not have gotten into the trouble that she did and if she stayed in New York. I am not a big believer in destiny, but I do believe that there are good and bad choices in life which to some extent determine our destiny, and since our life is finite, you want to make mostly good choices and few to no bad choices if possible.

My analysis and opinion, is that if she would have stuck with modeling and perhaps lived and stayed in New York instead of Los Angeles, she would have not gotten into a lot of trouble in her leisure activities and her career. She would not have produced an album where she would later get dropped by Warner Music or get sued by UB40 for the Stars Are Blind song. She would not have made the sex tape, because I think that was done in Los Angeles. Instead of hanging around actresses and hollywood types she would be around other fashion models and New Yorkers. She wouldn’t be criticized for her bad acting in B-rated movies. She wouldn’t have driven drunk but caught a taxi in New York. Venturing in areas where it may not be your forte might be risky or not necessary or may cause more losses than gains, financially.

So, in my opinion I think New York might be her town (I think she has an apartment at the Waldorf Astoria which I believe is a nice place) and that fashion modeling might be her career, like Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Karen Mulder, Claudia Schiffer, Cindy Crawford, and other fashion elite. All other business ventures related to fashion, like perfume, clothing might be okay, but I am not sure about acting, writing, or music.

Does anybody else agree?

From: admin
Time: June 27, 2007, 9:26 am


I see what you mean, and I agree with you partly.

I think Paris also wants to be an actress and a singer. We (some of the fans) would much rather see Paris as a singer and actress than a model. Remember she’s an entertainer. It’s up to her I guess.

Just to correct a few mistakes. It is not confirmed that Paris was dropped by Warner Bros, and that SAB got sued by UB40. Those were all made-up by a writer. I have yet to see some evidence. As far as I know, Warner Bros is still promoting Paris.

She also has to act in “B-rated” movies because she’s still practicing.

From: Django
Time: June 28, 2007, 2:49 am

I would like to see Paris still doing modelling at least occasionally, but I’d rather compare her to Milla Jovovich (model, actress, singer/songwriter) or Rebecca Romijn (model, actress) or even a multi-media entertainer like David Bowie. If other people aren’t content to just be models alone, why should Paris, especially if she has other dreams?

I just want to see Paris do the things that make her happy. I love her music album, I love the five seasons so far of The Simple Life (although I understand if she wants to get away from that character now) and I enjoyed her role in House Of Wax (Pledge This may not be the greatest of films, but it was watchable and I just feel it wasn’t the best directed or made of movies and therefore I don’t blame Paris in particular for any faults with it – she’s much better with more experience and being directed in a more professional production). So I don’t see her other branches of work as mistakes. Instead I see them as part of what makes Paris who she is and what I’m such an unabashed fan of.