NEW MOVIE IS CALLED “Repo! The Genetic Opera”

Begins a six-week shoot in Toronto on Sept. 10.

Expect to come out in 2009, according to

Hotel heiress ACTRESS and ex-con SINGER Paris Hilton is on her way to Canada.

Sources told that producers are about to announce they have cast Hilton in Repo! The Genetic Opera, a rock opera/horror film that begins a six-week shoot in Toronto on Sept. 10.

The movie, based on a successful theatrical production by Terrence Zdunich and Darren Smith, is about an organ failure epidemic in 2056 that forces people to purchase genetically perfect ones from Geneco, a biotech company committed to collecting regular payments.

“The idea is that everybody is buying up organs, and they cannot afford to pay for these organs,” director Darren Lynn Bousman recently told MTV. “Thus, legalized organ repo-men come into the picture. Murder becomes sanctioned by law. So, if you buy a heart and can’t afford it, someone can burst through the door and take your heart out… and they don’t get in trouble for it.”

Bousman, who made the last two Saw films and the upcoming Saw IV in Toronto, will direct Repo!, in which the dialogue is completely sung.

At a fundraising event in Hollywood on Tuesday night, Hilton declined to reveal specifics but admitted she is in rehearsals for a “very cool and unique project.” She told E! Online: “”We’re just in the studio. We’re doing dance and singing.”

Paul Sorvino will play Geneco owner Rottismo Largo and Alexa Vega (Spy Kids) has been cast as Shilo, the daughter of repo man Nathan. Tobin Bell, who plays the evil Jigsaw in the Saw movies, also stars.

Sources claim Hilton will play Heather Sweet, the daughter of Largo.

Hilton, who starred in the 2005 remake of House of Wax, released her first album last summer. The 26-year-old finished a 23-day jail sentence on June 26 for driving on a suspended license and violating the terms of her DUI probation.

Just days after Repo! The Genetic Opera wraps up filming in Toronto, cameras will roll in the city for The Repossession Mambo starring Jude Law and Forest Whitaker. The sci-fi feature follows an organ repo man who must go on the run when he is unable to make the payments for his new heart.

Posted: July 27th, 2007
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From: Anonymous
Time: July 27, 2007, 12:29 pm

i’m not sure i like that plot. I hope she doesn’t do it.

From: Django
Time: July 27, 2007, 12:52 pm

It’s wonderful to see Paris attached to something as off the wall, different for her and adventurous as this 😀 It’ll be great to hopefully see Paris branching out into new areas and I hope she gets a favourable response for it.