Paris Hilton to spend three days in India

Reported by IANS IN / Edited by PHS

Paris Hilton will arrive Mumbai later this month to launch her line of handbags and accessories in India, the event’s organisers said Tuesday.

Paris will be in Mumbai for three days, Brand Concepts CEO Abhinav Kumar said.

Besides launching the handbags and accessories designed by her, branded ‘Paris Hilton’, she will also interact with her fans, Kumar said.

‘We did extensive research on popular fashion accessories abroad and we were delighted to find that Paris Hilton’s collection had the maximum brand recall,’ said Kumar.

Her brand of handbags and fashion accessories, each monogrammed with her initials and a crown, is available in 35 countries.

However, details like the exact dates of her arrival, the place of her stay and her itinerary are being kept strictly under wraps.

Posted: September 6th, 2011
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From: Dawn
Time: September 7, 2011, 8:32 pm

She tweeted that she had a Marie Claire photo shoot today and she is on a plane to Ibiza even as we speak.

Looks like she will be at the FUCKMEIMFAMOUS party at Pacha in Ibiza with Guetta and Afrojack.

After that it’s the Ukraine and India on her schedule.

She certainly has a lot on her plate nowadays and it’s great that she can combine business with pleasure.

I thought she was suppposed to be back in the Philippines in October too.

Anyway, I gather from her tweets that she is quite enthused about all the things she is doing and places she is going. Glad to see Paris is enjoying her life.