Paris Hilton to sue Egyptian TV show over plane crash prank?

Reported by CBS News

Paris Hilton is reportedly preparing to sue an Egyptian TV show for “emotional distress” after the crew played a cruel trick on her, staging a horrifying plan crash as she flew over Dubai, TMZ reports.

A video went viral this week of the starlet leaving an event and boarding a tiny private plane. Hilton first remarks about a nasty smell in the cabin, and then is soon flung into an hysterical state as the tiny private plane was made to seem like it lost engine power and nosedived towards water. The crew, including the host of the Egyptian TV show “Ramez in Control” sitting next to Hilton, staged total chaos for ten minutes as Hilton showed genuine fear and tears, screaming repeatedly “no!” and “what is happening?!”

In the midst of the chaos, a flight attendant even opened a door and dragged a man by the ankles before shoving him off the plane for no apparent reason as Hilton watched in sheer terror.

As the plane nearly skims water the “Ramez in Control” host next to Hilton tells her that she is going to have to swim, to which she says “but I don’t want to jump;” he then holds her head between her knees as the plane lands on a tiny strip of land.

Hilton, 34, told TMZ that the actual situation in the plane was even more terrifying than what is seen in the video and that neither she nor anyone in her camp knew about the stunt. Sources said she was “totally freaked out” and that she plans to sue for “emotional distress,” and that her anxiety about flying is significantly exacerbated.

Although reportedly furious about the traumatizing prank, Hilton managed to put on a well-received performance as a singer and DJ at Summerfest in Milwaukee, and she even posted selfies from her her calm and comfortable airplane to Milwaulkee.

Posted: June 30th, 2015
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