Paris Hilton Tried To Sell Nicole Richie’s Baby Shower Pictures, Claims Daily News

One of the “fake” sites, well known for spreading false articles about Paris Hilton has infected TMZ and other news sites again.

Daily News now claims that Paris Hilton tried to sell images of Nicole Richie’s baby shower. This is the sort of umimportant news that gains a lot of attention.

An “insider” says: “All the photos that were offered had Paris right in the center of them, as the star. They look set up.”

Each pictures or all of them are worth $3,000. Daily News’ “conspiracy theorist,” adds “None of the money would have been for Paris — for her it’s about the attention.”

But the Hate site was quickly contradicted by one of Paris Hilton’s reps who replied: “Paris was a hostess of the shower, which a large number of people attended. Many of these guests were taking photos with camera phones… there is no way she had anything to do with this.”


Posted: November 25th, 2007
Comments: 3


From: And_LV
Time: November 25, 2007, 10:58 am

I think that she is offended at Nicole,money and attention she have…It’s her litle revenge to her…Not my busines – only opinion…

From: Victor
Time: November 26, 2007, 11:01 am

I really think that Paris Hilton is behind the leak of Nicole Richie’s baby photos.
Have you seen the video which she is caught with her baby bump at Maria’s Italian Kitchen in LA?
Here is the link if you haven’t.

From: juju
Time: November 27, 2007, 3:28 am

What crap! Paris would never do that. it’s stupid to even think such a thing. Paris left for China that same evening or the next morning, so she wasn’t even in LA when these photos were leaked.

Nicole is the one who has betrayed Paris’ friendship by distancing herself from Paris in her own PR effort to rehabilitate her own image. She and Joel are playing the baby-thing to the hilt to change Nicole’s image.