Paris Hilton urges public to look past stereotypes as she promotes her new ‘Paris’ album

Socialite, tabloid fodder, reality star, yes. But Paris Hilton the singer?

As she promotes her new album, Paris, Hilton says she understands the confusion over her transformation. But she urges a look past the stereotypes.

“I can understand people prejudging on that fact,” she said Tuesday outside Specs Music Store on South Beach, “but the music speaks for itself.”

Hilton, 25, will release Paris on Tuesday. Her breathy single, Stars Are Blind, has already jumped up Billboard’s dance music charts.

It may seem a departure from what has made her famous, including the TV reality show The Simple Life, but Hilton says music has always been a passion.

“I’ve been singing and playing the piano and violin since I’m 6 years old,” she said, “so it’s something I’ve been doing my whole life.”

Hilton said she’s confident of the album’s appeal.

“I know music,” she said, “so I know people will love it.”

Hilton said she finds herself in an unusual position for an artist releasing her first album.

“Most artists, you know, they’re unknown before they actually have their album come out,” she said. “And with me, it’s a different situation because people have seen me around for the past couple of years.”

Posted: August 16th, 2006
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