Paris Hilton victim of another prank!

Reported by The Hot Hits (edited)

Paris Hilton is pretty annoyed, because someone organised a plane to fly over Paul Walker’s memorial with a message from her.

It seems like a bizarre thing for anyone to do, but apparently someone organised a plane to carry a banner over the memorial for the late actor. The message on the banner read, “R.I.P. God Be With Fast & Furious Star Paul Walker #269. Our Hearts Go Out To His Friends & Family – [Heart] #17 Paris Hilton.”

But she wants us all to know she had nothing to do with it.

Paris tweeted, “I am so horrified that someone would hire a plane to fly over Paul Walker’s crash site with messages from me. So disrespectful.”

This is definitely “let’s prank Paris Hilton week” – a fake tweet referring to Nelson Mandela as Martin Luther King circulated on Twitter recently, and then her brother got beaten up by Lindsay Lohan’s friend.

Posted: December 9th, 2013
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