Paris Hilton visits a Greek family’s restaurant in Matawan, New Jersey

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Paris Hilton, the television reality star, was spotted Saturday at Evan’s Restaurant in Matawan where she ordered a chicken gyro, some chicken sandwiches and grape leaves before heading to Atlantic City.

Hilton performed Saturday night at The Pool After Dark at Harrah’s Resort.

Dimitri Kartsakalis, 23, of Hazlet was shocked to see the famous socialite in his family’s Matawan restaurant.

“It’s a really cool experience,” he said. “It’s not often when you get a celebrity like that.”

Even Kartsakalis’ parents, who he describes as “off the boat” Greeks, recognized the American heiress, who is known for a string of reality shows.

Hilton walked into the restaurant to pick up food while her limo waited outside, but took the time to stop and pose for photos with restaurant staff and customers, Kartsakalis said.

When asked if she looks different in person than on television, Kartsakalis said: “She is better looking in person. I was very surprised. Very cute. Very nice.”

Not long after walking in, Hilton’s limo driver came to fetch her back to the car.

“When she was walking out … she turned around and said ‘I love the Greeks’ and blew us a kiss,” Kartsakalis said.

Kartsakalis shared the celebrity sighting on the restaurant’s Instagram account, which prompted a positive response from Hilton.

She wrote: “Thank you for the amazing Greek food! Love it!”

Kartsakalis hopes Hilton’s visit to Evan’s Restaurant won’t be her last.

“Maybe she liked it (the food) and maybe she’ll be back, because round two would be awesome,” he said.

Posted: April 8th, 2016
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