Paris Hilton wants to countersue HairTech

Reported by MSNBC

Paris Hilton is countersuing the hair extension company that is suing her for $35 million, demanding $3 million for fraud, breach-of-contract and inappropriately trading on that famous Hilton name.

Hairtech International sued Paris in August, claiming she wore a competitor’s hair extensions and breached her contact by skipping promotional appearances, albeit because she was in jail.

Paris’ complaint says Hairtech’s story is “born of pure fiction” and alleges that the company exploited her celebrity status. Her filing includes a letter from a colleague of plaintiff Chris Volek’s, in which the colleague states that Volek and others at Hairtech have “left a trail of complaints and defrauded victims in their wake.”

In various emails, Volek called Hilton “truly amazing,” “sensational” and “freaking Stunning [sic],” according to Paris’ filing.

Hairtech “sought to capitalize on Ms. Hilton’s brand and fame by offering to pay substantial ‘guaranteed’ royalties in exchange for the right to associate Ms. Hilton’s brand with their line of hair products,” the suit alleges.

The heiress claims Hairtech failed to pay “in excess of $1.7 million,” going so far as to commit “fraud by secretly altering documents presented to Ms. Hilton’s company for signature.”

All in all, Ms. Hilton is asking for $2.1 million in damages, at least $400,000 in punitive damages and attorney fees, and $500,000 in declaratory relief.

Posted: November 25th, 2010
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