Paris Hilton Will Be Back

Doesn’t matter how things turn out. “Gossip experts” agree that what we have witnessed today will only double her fame and fees.

However, at this point, I really don’t want to go again into the whole debate of whether or not, Paris is being treated fairly for her probation violation. I think what we and the media¬†need to be worried about is first and foremost her health.

We need to hear some sort of confirmation that she is doing fine and that we’re not losing her. The media is simply not reporting about Paris’ condition, or at least, not taking it seriously.

I am absolutely heartbroken at how she was treated today. Did you read the eye-witness article I just posted? Is the going-back-to-jail news more important than Paris’ health?

Is there anyone out there in the media who can take this problem seriously? Everyone wants a piece of Paris, but this is destroying her. And it is not a joking or laughing matter. Paris is very ill.

I really look foward to the day when Paris is released again in good health. And I will do my best to inform every person/hater who is interested in learning this great Paris Hilton world we once had.

I am very worried about Paris as many fans are, and I hope that people understand that despite what she did, she needs a break!

Posted: June 8th, 2007
Comments: 3


From: pro-law
Time: June 8, 2007, 4:56 pm

Paris Hilton is a law breaker. She is in violation of the LAW.
We hear everyday of individuals breaking the law and ending up behind bars and sexually violated by other inmates. Do you think that these individuals are not suffering from severe mental problems? Paris was released based on fame and money only. She should do all of her time in custody and sent to the county hospital for medical attention, as any other law breaker.

From: DD
Time: June 8, 2007, 5:52 pm

I feel for her for her anxiety and sadness. I have to say that being a paramedic, I have gotten to see what these… “little” things can do to peoples lives. I’m talking about the intoxication while driving and just plain not following the rules. I have no doubt in my mind that Paris has gotten her share of breaks in the world. People get treated unfairly everyday, I have transported prisoners who have needed alot more medical attention, psychological and physical then she does at this moment. She didn’t do what she was told to do, therefore she opened herself up for the consequenses of her actions. I don’t wish her any bad will, but I don’t wish her out of jail either. Everyone has to answer to someone at some point, and this time she has had to. Guess jail isn’t making her as tough as she thought it would.

From: ENS
Time: June 8, 2007, 7:23 pm

Are you kidding me? Why on earth would you waste time and energy idolizing this waste of food? She is nobody special, though people seem to believe she has some sort of “talent”…For what, I do not know…Oh wait, I do know…She has a talent for bilking people out of their hard-earned cash, a crappy album and a couple of bit parts in dire films…She has everything, and wanted her daddy to buy her some fame too…Well, now she’s got it, and she’s getting what she deserves…I’m going to go laugh some more at the photos of her crying in the back of the squad car…Bye!