Paris Hilton Will Sing 7 out of 55 Songs In Repo!

A hater recently announced that Paris Hilton will sing 7 songs on Repo! There are 55 songs, but some of them are like 30 second songs. So that might be about 25 minutes or 20 minutes or less of Paris Hilton in Repo! depending on how long each song is. That’s a bit too short, but normal I suppose.

This hater also comments: “I may be a tad unfair due to my own opinion and bias against Paris” before informing us of this important music news. I’ve also read a couple of comments from people who learned that Paris will be singing in Repo! Let me tell you that this hater, like all haters, is not giving his opinion. It really isn’t his honest and intelligent opinion in any way. Also, the hater was from, not I think.

He’s been thought to hate and always negative when he starts talking about Paris because the media has always been negative towards Paris. He may also be someone who naturally discriminates against rich, pretty and famous girls. But when haters say “it’s my opinion”, it is usually an irrational one and 90% of the time, they don’t understand Paris the way we do. Well, this particular hater may not be a real hater, but he has no real good reason have a negative and bias opinion. I’m very sure of that!

Okay… I just felt like saying that because people will instantly attack her when Repo! comes out. The hater also reports: “As for what [Music Director for the upcoming rock musical film “Repo!] Yoshiki thinks of Paris, he is reported to approve of her singing by saying that she put in serious effort for the recording.”

Posted: October 6th, 2007
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From: Jen
Time: October 7, 2007, 8:20 pm

Paris is playing one of the daughters, so she obviously has a part that is longer than 20 minutes.

It doesn’t even matter how long Paris sings. If the movie is good, and Paris sings well, the haters cannot do anything about it.

If the movie is mediocre and Paris sings well, they still can’t do anything about it. LOL.

I think Paris only wants to do comedies and horror movies, so what does it matter what haters say. It’s not like she wants to do Shakespeare on stage or become a character actress.

Haters may not like her but Paris is here to stay, no one can ever make her slink off to the sidelines.

Paris could stand on the red carpet and pick her nose for 2 hours – and she would still be world famous. Her family name and money alone guaranty that much.

So let Paris try different things and enjoy herself.

Many of yesteryear’s legends did not necessarily always star in great movies or even have great voices. It was the sheer power of their personalities that made them stand out – and Paris Hilton is one of them.