Paris Hilton working on launching new high tech projects

Reported by Inquisitr

Paris Hilton is about to add a lot more to her already overflowing plate. The socialite-turned-entrepreneur-turned-international DJ is adding several more business ventures to her global empire. In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Paris talked about the upcoming additions to her ever-growing roster of business roles, and a few of them may surprise you.

Paris Hilton is already known for her past TV career with childhood BFF Nicole Richie on the hit reality show the Simple Life, as well as her current international DJ gigs. But Hilton has also put her names on sunglasses, shoes, and fragrances. Paris is set to launch her 20th fragrance—Gold Rush—and she is working on a chain of branded hotels in Dubai, New York, and Las Vegas.

Paris told the Times that while she has loved perfume since she was a child playing in her mother’s makeup cabinet, she never realized that one day she would put her name on 20 fragrances of her own. Paris launched her first fragrance, Paris Hilton for Women, in 2005, and she launched its male counterpart, Paris Hilton for Men, later that year. In 2015, Paris celebrated her 10th anniversary as a perfume peddler by releasing a limited edition anniversary version of her original scent. But these days, Paris Hilton is doing a lot more than smelling the money with more than $1.5 billion in perfume sales.

“I’ve got 17 product lines,” Hilton revealed to the Times. “Sunglasses shoes, clothing, makeup, watches. There are 50 Paris Hilton stores now, and we’re opening 200 more. I’m getting into real estate, following [in] my family’s footsteps, but my own thing, without the Hilton name. Soon I’ll be announcing some huge projects in the tech world — really insane projects that are so futuristic and cool. It’s top secret right now, so I can’t talk about them yet.”

While she didn’t drop the details on her tech ventures, Paris went on to say it has been a long road to proving herself as a serious businesswoman. But now she thinks she has finally done it.

“A lot of people, when they saw The Simple Life, assumed that was who I was in real life,” Paris said. “Now, they see me in a boardroom and how I am and what I’ve accomplished. I think I’ve proven myself.”

Posted: July 11th, 2016
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