Paris Hilton Working On Second Album And Visiting Paris/Berlin

Kathryn Wexler from Miami Herald interviewed Paris Hilton at her Dadeland where Paris promoted Can Can last Thursday. In this interview, she confirms that going to come to Miami often to work with genius Scott Storch for her much-much anticipated second album.

She also says that she’s going to visit Paris and Berlin soon, I think. It will probably be for Can Can.

Why the cough?
I’m just getting back from three weeks of traveling . . . Tokyo, China, Korea and Russia and after this, Paris and Berlin.’

What took you there?
I’m working nonstop but I love it.

Tell us about your perfume.
It’s very sexy. I love the Moulin Rouge and thought this would be the perfect theme.

All the autographing must get on your nerves.
I enjoy it, actually, meeting my fans.

Paris sightings in Miami used to be frequent. No longer.
I’m so busy that I can only get out here when I’m working . . . [but] I’m making another album with [producer] Scott Storch, so I’ll be out here.

Does your work schedule allow time for fun?
I’m a businesswoman now. I’m running a huge company. And everybody grows up.

Do you like Miami?
I love the weather, the beach, the water is really nice. The Art Deco is really cool. It just has a good vibe.

Where do you eat when you’re here?
Nobu. News Cafe.

Where do you stay?
The Shore Club.

Where do you shop?
Scoop, because it’s at the hotel. And Bal Harbour.

What’s your wildest Miami moment?
Every time I hang out with my friends and Scott Storch. He has all the cars and yachts and all these fun toys. He definitely rules it.

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Posted: December 8th, 2007
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From: Django
Time: December 8, 2007, 2:15 pm

Always nice to get more confirmation of Paris’ next album, apart from the few vague mentions we had a while back.

From: kevin
Time: December 8, 2007, 4:38 pm

Like what Django said it’s good to know Paris is still thinking of her music. But I always thought she was LONG done with her album and basically just picking which tracks to put on etc.

I guess if Paris ever goes back to Miami we know it’s for Scott!