Paris Hilton’s Civil Rights May Have Been Violated

I’m receiving many letters from lawyers, doctors and older people denouncing the acts of judge Michael T. Sauer as unfair and unlawful. I really want to thank everyone who has send me an email and helped us better understand what is happening. And keep them coming.

I would like to post a particular letter which claims that Paris Hilton’s Civil Rights are been violated. It makes perfect sense to me, and I hope that the Hilton family and their attorneys finally wake up and take serious action.

It seems to me that her attorneys should obtain a federal injucntion against the judge punishing Paris for the enforcement of a federal ruling. His action of more than doubling her time to be spent in jail for the implimentation of the federal ruling on overcrowding is a violation of her civil rights. It also seems that he is retaliating against her for being mentally upset or Sick and being noticed by her jailors as being sick. It is their job to monitor their prisoners and make decisions on the running of the jail unhindered by a state authority judge. Her rights under the Americans with Disabilities act have been violated. The judges anger at her being released is unlawful in that he has allowed his perception of public opinion to sway his legal judgement and then punish her for the implimentation of the federal ADA law and mandated federal overcrowding ruling. It also seems that his sending her back to serve 40 some days in prison for the Sherrif’s decision to send her home is double jeopardy. Non the less until the issue of violation of her civil rights and the issue of fair and equal treatment has been addressed in FEDERAL COURT she should be released. What she did was wrong but her perception of that wrong was a product of the enviroment that she was raised and should be considered when deciding how to punish her. This has not been done and again perhaps this violates the ADA. She has a mental childhood related handicap.

By “Larry”

Posted: June 9th, 2007
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