Paris Hilton’s comments on Tease at launch party

We have done so many over the years but this one is more mature. The last time I did fairy, I did mermaid. I was younger, now I am more mature. I thought it was a really glamourous fragrance.

I just thought Tease was a really fun, flirty name.

I think for fragrances you always have to have something that's really catchy and something that girls think is really cute. I thought that Marilyn was such a tease. She was so confident and flirty and just one of the sexiest women alive.

I have loved her ever since I was a little girl. I just thought she was the most beautiful woman, the camera loved her and on-screen she was like no one else.

Doing my tenth fragrance I just thought, she’s a 10, and I have to do something to honor Marilyn.

Posted: August 11th, 2010
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