Paris Hilton’s Musical Performance On Repo Stage!

Finally, this is no lame news; this is this week’s biggest news. So what happened with Paris Hilton’s debut musical performance?

Well… According to my sources, things didn’t go so well, but neither I or they can confirm because they weren’t there, although one of them saw a footage of Paris Hilton singing on stage in front of 200 not-so-nice participants.

Remember the review from I posted yesturday? Well, yes, I can almost confirm that it is not a fake review. Everything you read is probably correct, but the person who wrote it didn’t see Paris live.

Kemi ( was one of the extras who participated in Repo! yesturday. She was kind enough to promise me that she would sent me a review, and she did yesturday. She also posted it on her website. Let me just post her review:

The biggest surprise is that Ms Hilton performed yesterday but was not present today. I got there south of downtown and we had to check into a holding room which was warm and anyone who had to change did so as we all had to wear evening gowns. […] We were more than extras as we actually acted into scenes that Paris had to be in. What the film crew was actually doing were inserts into the movie so that if one doesn’t look good, they add another so there were 4 sets of extras. Two yesterday and two today.Paris, I understand sang her way through the whole thing and I saw some of that footage. She can sing only if people took her seriously. Anyhow, we had to repeat this scene going into the opera house, sitting down, applauding and making expressions of all kinds based on what we were watching on stage. Lots of semi nudity with Alexa Vega and her dancers. Paul Sorvino was just OK. You would think he was the Director of the movie as he somewhat was in charge. This movie should be very sci-fi like when it’s done with.

Notice what Kemi wrote: “She can sing only if people took her seriously.” Isn’t that interesting? So we can assume that the extras were not encouraging her, and they certainly weren’t taking her seriously. That’s interesting! It already shows that people don’t take her work seriously. Repo! should change all of that negativity.

I asked Kemi if she could give me more information about the footage she saw. Here’s what I got:

In the scene on that editing footage which I saw was Paris just singing on stage. That’s it really. No one has ever taken the Hilton sisters seriously as we in the media call them “famous for being famous.” I can’t wait to see myself where they’ll insert us in the movie.

So, now hopefully you get it. Even if Paris has an amazing album, people won’t take her seriously until they are “forced” to see something amazing. If Repo! becomes a huge success (as it should), then people will finally stop being ignorant and Paris will have a success career in music.

I think that’s all there is about her musical performance at the moment. I encourage Paris to keep up the good work! And thanks to Kemi for her review!

Posted: October 19th, 2007
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From: Django
Time: October 20, 2007, 2:24 am

I hate that people can be so ignorant that they can’t even do the job of extras without deliberately ruining a film performance. They’re really brave and bold when it’s not a single one of them up there on that stage needing encouragement! Once again Paris has way more class than her cowardly sheep detractors.

I hope that this film does help sway more positive opinion for Paris, but this may be an indicator of how much of the sheep and walking abortions will act – refusing to give her a chance or see anything positive about her.

From: Mat M.
Time: October 20, 2007, 7:47 am

Paris’ role is a ”villain”, so could the whole boo-thing be just a part of the movie? Like the “bad girl” getting rejected, or something like that?

From: admin
Time: October 20, 2007, 10:33 am

Very good question, Mat! I didn’t think about it! You’re right. But I don’t know for sure.

From: Dawn
Time: October 20, 2007, 5:48 pm

Since when are extras allowed to act up or ruin a scene?
This makes no sense whatsoever, they’re just fillers.

So, most likely, whatever they did was part of the plot, else thedirector would have had them tossed out.

From: david
Time: October 20, 2007, 6:24 pm

Plus, just like any other musical or music video, they’re just lip-synching. They just need the video performance. The audio has already been done. It could only have been a scripted response. That report doesn’t seem that credible or accurate.

From: Mat M.
Time: October 21, 2007, 4:14 am

Exactly. I mean, if there was a scene were she was suposed to fall in the street the news would report that she had an accident during the shoots.