Paris Hilton’s Personal Profil At BullRun

Paris Hilton just posted her profil on As already reported, she will participate in BullRun 2007, which will take place in Montreal, Quebec. I think the rally will start from Old Montreal next to The Ritz Carlton hotel.

Here’s the information she posted on her profil:

2007 Spyker Spyder

Engine Size:
4.2 V8
Max Speed:
Who knows?
Miles Per Gallon:
Not many!

Name:  Paris Hilton
Age:  26
Driver/Co-Driver: Driver
Rally History:  Experienced
Location: Los Angeles , CA
Country:  US
Biggest Strength: Too numerous to mention!
About Me
Bullrun is hot! I was the official flag girl in 2004 and am really looking forward to doing the Bullrun again – this time as a driver! Watch out guys!

So she finally bought the new car.

I will try my best to attend this event and post a full report about it.

Posted: April 27th, 2007
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