Paris Hilton’s Puppy Escapes

Paris Hilton’s new puppy got loose over the weekend — with paparazzi saving the day!

TMZ cameras were outside Hilton’s Malibu beach pad this weekend, when her mini Yorkie wandered into the street after sneaking out the front door. Our photog picked up Hilton’s canine friend and prevented the adorable little thing (clad in Paris-themed clothing) from running into the street.

After the photog rang her doorbell, Paris came out to grab the puppy, and thanked the cameraman for rescuing the dog. A paparazzo’s work is never done.

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Posted: July 23rd, 2007
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From: Django
Time: July 23, 2007, 9:13 am

Cute that the paparrazi can be helpful. That is one peaceful Yorkie! Any that I’ve had experience with (including the one I owned as a child) tended to be vicious – going for people’s ankles, yapping and biting. That one even let a stranger pet it.