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Paris’ racial tapes finally make part of’s headlines with the title “Paris Hilton’s ugly side in new tape.” However, this time, the link actually directs to a video where two “experts” discuss about the issue.

I checked out to see whether or not the commentators Ashleigh Banfield, Cout TV’s Hollywood Heat (if that says anything) and some other blonde woman from Hollywood were being bias in their coverage, but as expected and unlike Fox News, they weren’t. Some of their comments were fair enough, and both understood Paris well. Except, maybe the young blonde woman was a bit “bitchy” and said that Paris had gotten away with the sex tape and the DUI arrest. Probably, she didn’t know that it wasn’t Paris who released the tape, but her ex-boyfriend, so how can you blame her? Well, whatever.

But she persisted and asked Banfield if Paris could get away with this latest “scandal” and obviously, Banfield commented that it shouldn’t be a big problem for Paris. I think this is because she knew it didn’t cause enough damage, and she mentioned that thankfully, she didn’t refer to anyone in the tape, and… that she called the N word to her friends in a “friendly” way, something that Paris’ fans were trying to explain for a while…

And so, the racial tapes continues to be a hot topic, but it’s already dying and surely, didn’t cause a big buzz.

Interesting to note, Banfield said that there’s a possiblility that Paris could receive a percentage of the amount of money makes if the court legalizes the website. Yes, there’s a possiblity that it might come back online. It’s still not confirmed. However, it should be interesting if Paris takes that direction, but it still remains a rumour at this point.

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Posted: February 5th, 2007
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