Paris Hilton’s Sunglass collection will be available in Fall 2009

The sunglass collection will reportedly be released this Fall. Below is a press release about the new line.

Paris Hilton will announce her new sunglass collection at Vision Expo East at the Gripping Eyewear, Inc. (GEI) booth on March 27, 2009. Paris will join with GEI, the worldwide exclusive licensee of the Paris Hilton Sunglass Collection, at The Javits Center in New York to personally announce her upcoming line of sunglasses and accessories.

Ms. Hilton has been working behind the scenes with GEI to sketch designs and provide input for her collection, which will be available at select locations this fall. She will also announce an accompanying line of accessories that will include patented lens wraps, sunglass stands and visor clips, all designed to allow the consumer to store, display and protect their sunglasses.

“It’s no secret that I adore sunglasses, and I am excited to finally have a collection of my own. We all want options on what to wear given our own personal style, so introducing sunglasses that give people stylish choices and unique features is really important to me,” said Ms. Hilton. “Everyone’s taste is different, but I’m convinced that anyone can enhance their look with the right sunglasses. It’s all about fashion and having fun with your look.”

Ms. Hilton has teamed up with GEI, one of the most innovative companies in the eyewear industry, to produce and distribute her sunglasses and accessories worldwide. GEI currently holds nine international eyewear patents. Incorporating Ms. Hilton’s designs and style will create the most unique sunglass collection and accessories the eyewear industry has ever seen.

“Paris has an amazing eye for sunglass style and design,” says Jimmy Jongebloed, President and CEO of GEI. “Her focus on her own personal fashion, combined with an unmatched marketing ability, is the key to why she is so successful and her products are sought after worldwide. Together, we are a powerful team and our intent is to make a lasting statement in the retail and optical industry internationally.”

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Posted: March 30th, 2009
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From: Django
Time: March 31, 2009, 1:31 am

All the best to Paris in her latest venture 🙂