Paris’ Plans For Oscar

Sally Grover – All Headline News Contributor

Los Angeles, CA (AHN) – At least Paris Hilton has big dreams, if not somewhat delusional ones.

The heiress turned reality TV star, pop singer, actress, perfumer, author and hotelier is reportedly setting her sites on the Academy Awards – not just to attend the after party, but to walk away with a golden statue of her own for acting.

The star, who has played a very convincing dumb blonde character in all of her on-screen appearances, such as “The Simple Life” and “House Of Wax”, is reportedly attending acting classes to improve her range and get closer to taking home Oscar.

A source tells The New York Post newspaper, “Paris has been going to acting classes in Beverly Hills. She arrived looking very serious with a script clamped under her arm.”

Her next big screen role is in the unlikely critical favorite, let alone academy winner, “The Hottie And The Nottie”. Hilton is currently in classes to learn how to play a beautiful girlfriend who will not marry her partner…until she finds a man for her not-so-attractive BFF.

Where will she find her inspiration?

Meanwhile, once a passionate “musician”, Hilton is said to be throwing in the towel on her lukewarm singing career.

While she had reasonable successful with her first single “Stars Are Blind”, her follow up efforts have faded into obscurity.


It is not true that Paris is planning to win an oscar. Sally Grover, the writer obviously made that up. Like others, she’s just trying make Paris look like a fool. Paris is simply working on her acting skills and improving it to become a real actress. We’re sure that she hopes to win that, but she’s a reasonable person.

On the other hand, Sally says that Paris has giving up her music career which is actually rumour that came from British media. Don’t believe any of this until you hear it from Warner Bros or from Paris. As of now, Paris still working on her tour and her second album. She has said this to MTV and E! several times. But we’ll see.

Posted: January 10th, 2007
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