Sees Paris Hilton

Yup, I saw Singer and Actress Paris Hilton last night on St-Jacques Street, at Tribe Hyperclub. What a crazy night it was. Not everything went as planned because I missed her red carpet apparence.

It was around 10:45pm when we arrived at Square-Victoria Metro Station. We took the metro (subway) to go there. It was 2 minutes away from the club. When we arrrived at the club, I noticed that there weren't as many people as I was expecting to see. This is probably because it was a Sunday night and the next morning, everyone had to go back to work or school. There were fewer younger fans, but a lot of older people in their late 20s or 30s. I was even surprised to see so many older people who were waiting to see Paris.

Of course, the media and paparrazi were there also. And I saw super expensive, but gorgeous cars in front of the club, coming and going. People who were invited to the club were very beautiful famous local celebrities. Many of them were very professional and watching these people, you instantly knew that they were regular professional club-goers, kinda like Paris Hilton. I knew they were local famous people, but funny enough, I didn't recognize them.

Back to Paris, the media said Paris would arrive at 11pm and walk on the red carpet. Well, of course, it didn't happened that way. I knew she was going to arrive fashionably late. That wasn't the problem. I first said to myself that she might be 20 or 45 minutes late, but we kept waiting and waiting! Oh yes, I noticed many people who were hardcore fans. Unfortunately, when the media people asked to one of these fans why she likes Paris Hilton, she said: "She represents beauty, money, fame and glamour," something like. I have to say I wouldn't have said that because first, that's DEFINITELY not mainly why I went to see her and second, it feeds the hate movement and makes fans look bad. That's what I think. If it were Britney Spears or Lindsay Lohan, I wouldn't have even struggled myself to go and see one of them on a late Sunday night. I always felt that there was something special about being a fan of Paris, but unfortunely, not many people understand it, even some hardcore fans. Everyone has its own opinion, but it's just that some people don't really know her!

Okay, back to Paris! Now I think it was 12:15pm (!) when Paris finally arrived at the club in a small limousine. We were on the West side of the club, near the entrance. I saw from a distance paparazzi jumping on one another trying to get a picture of Paris who was sitting in the backseat. Yikes, I forgot to mention there was this speaker or entertainer, whatever you want to call him, for Tribe. He was really a clueless and silly guy (but not a hater or a fan). Oh yeah, while waiting outside of the club, I heard the song "Fightin' Over Me" from the club!!! This silly guy asked to one of his friends "What's the first song of Paris Hilton...? Turn It...?" His friend said: "Turn It Up, Turn It Up!" and started singing it. I wanted to tell the silly guy if he could ask the DJ to play my favourite Paris Hilton song "Turn You On," but I didn't. I only heard "Fightin' Over Me." At least it wasn't the usual "Stars Are Blind" they always play. Some people think Paris has only one song. I'll get back to this silly guy a little later! Have to!

When I saw Paris Hilton in the car, a feeling of bliss came right through me. It only lasted for 10 seconds. I mean the whole time I was very excited to finally see the Singer, Actress, Model, Businesswoman that I talk and write about almost every day. While the limousine was driving next to us, I saw Paris in the backseat looking in front. The windows were very tinted, so it was very dark, but I was able to see her thanks to camera flashes coming from the paparazzi and media. I'm not sure, but I think she was talking to someone on her cell (probably not).

The limousine did NOT stop in front of the main entrance where we were. Apparently, Paris wanted to go to a resturant which was next to Tribe. And so the car stopped there. All of a sudden, I saw a group of paparrazi surrounding the car. It was crazy! It was like a mini thunderstorm lasting for 3 seconds. What was really funny was when the public went "wohhhhhhhhh" louder and louder! You really felt like you were in Hollywood! She came out with bodyguards, and within a second she disappeared! Everything happened so fast, especially since we were on the other side. I'd say that I only saw her for 10 seconds. Ah, it was like in one of those videos we see all the time, but bigger and more real. Seeing her makes you feel like this woman exists. It was one hell of a intense moment for everyone.

We thought she was going to come back and do that red carpet thing. We saw many "celebrities" coming out and going and doing small interviews on the red carpet. We waited for Paris to out for more than an hour. I kept asking to the staff and fans: "Is Paris coming out? When?" I first asked this question to that silly guy. He said: "Yes, just for you!" God, he was so useless! I don't even think he saw Paris. Can't blame him, the whole thing happened so fast, and already there were a lot of people. 90% of the time he was babbling about the stars who were coming in. 10% was about Paris. I'm even going to say that 90% of the time, the staff that works for Tribe were NOT discussing about Paris. We had to ask about her. It almost felt like these workers didn't care or acted like she wasn't even there. Some didn't even know if she arrived. But one of them assured me that Paris would come out soon. One of the paparazzi said to me: "That's the plan, but you never know because she might not want to!"

But here's what happened, it was 11:45pm when she arrived. The whole place was packed! After waiting outside for so long for her red carpet appearance, people actually started leaving. Can't blame them, the next day was a Monday! By the time Paris came out of the restaurant, more than half of the fans had left. We left at 1:10am because we thought the metro closes at 1:30am. As we were heading towards the metro, Paris came out 2 minutes later, but we didn't know! We went to Square-Victoria station and it was closed. We had to call our relatives to come and pick us up. The whole time while I was on the phone, I was seeing hear and seeing in the corner of my eye camera flashes and screaming. At first, I didn't realize what was happening, but it was Paris on the red carpet! When we went back to the club, she had already gone inside the club! And so no, I didn't see her red carpet appearance. To see her again, we had to wait till 3am, but we didn't.

I was very mad. Everything goes wrong and happens at the wrong time! This is something that I've always been used to my whole life. It felt like something was preventing me from fully seeing her. And it happens to me all the time. I can never reach the maximum, but I think this has also shaped me to be more patient and controlling of my anger. I wasn't really angry, but shocked that this just happened! She stayed outside for a good five minutes according to one of her fans. I was able to see her red carpet appearance on video thanks to reporters from Musique Plus who were watching it from their video camera.

I believe the event was a success. I've never been to a club or waited outside of a club. It felt very Hollywood. However, at least, I did see her! I also took many pictures. I'm very sorry that I bothered many people on this memorable September 23rd, 2007 night. It caused me a lot of problems as well. Everyone had to go back to work the next day, and we arrived home at 2:30am. But I definitely think it was worth it because this happens once in every, say, five years, and it was something very important for me!

I forgot to talk about the haters. No, I did not see any haters, except the media who were digging up for drama! Guess what? The next day when I woke up and watched TV, while I was flipping through the channels, all of a sudden, I saw a report about Paris Hilton visiting Montreal. It was on TQS. They were discussing about criminal and legal stuff, saying that American Paris can't come to Canada because of her criminal record or something. Apparently, there's a law about this, and they were wondering if Paris actually got a free pass or if she made an agreement. Now you know, Paris is definitely not a criminal. It's just the media causing trouble for nothing. Paris didn't even deserve jail time, but that's something the media never understood because they never listen to what Paris has to say. Finally to make the long story short, at the end, the reporter said people like Paris can come to Canada if it's for work purposes. And at the last minute, he said Paris was in Canada because she is shooting a movie, which is work.

Anyway, that's's Paris Hilton encounter! A day forever marked in's life!