Predicts A Growth Of Craziness In The Future

In the near future, it’s very likely that the words used against Paris Hilton will be much more vicious. A lot of people will misunderstand Paris and call her all sorts of names until she comes out in public and renews herself with a new project. helped her gain more bad publicity, but ultimately, it will spread more lies about her. We know for a fact that Paris has/had herpes, but we don’t know how she catched it. Haters will assume, and they think that she sleeps with some random guys. Many of them actually think that she had slept with more than one guy in the videos that were released by They don’t even know who Jason Shaw was.

They even think that Paris makes sex tapes and publishes them or something. They say “aren’t Paris and her parents ashamed of that?,” but of course, they don’t understand that they weren’t suppose to be out in public in the first place. Listen, have you ever heard Rick Solomon, the main money-making promoter, being criticized by haters and the media?

A good portion of them also believe that Paris had an abortion. They don’t understand the term miscarriage and they think it’s an abortion even though that has been cleared out.

Seeing her taking a tiny amount of cocaine and snorting it is actually a fact and isn’t approved by her fans. However, she doesn’t seem to be in danger of overdoing drugs. And it’s highly possible that she doesn’t do them as much as she used to because we KNOW Paris used to be wild when she was younger. There’s no question about that. Besides, we haven’t seen her with cocaine in recent years since she became famous. Cigarettes and pot are also bad things, but they aren’t extreme for the public.

The racism issue is another aspect that will be wrongfully emphasized on. Even if you think Paris is a racist, the fact is that she never said she is, and on top of that, she said many times in the past that she isn’t. The girl has went as far as French kissing a Black guy in House of Wax. But the haters will still insist that she’s a hardcore racist. Even if she has the slightest bad opinion about a certain race, have you ever seen her discriminate or directly say something bad against an ethnic group? These questions are meant to make you question your believes and the things you hear. Maybe you think Indians smell bad, but that doesn’t automatically mean you hate or are racist against them, even if some of them consider it an insult. Also, using the N word doesn’t necessarily make you a racist.

Well, that’s what predicts for the future: a huge increase of craziness, lies and hypocrisy. The fans don’t need to pay much attention to these overexagerated attacks, and they should mostly think of today’s Paris because there is a remarkable difference between today’s and yesturday’s Paris before she became famous and started taking her life seriously like Nicole Richie.

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Posted: February 1st, 2007
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From: Nicky
Time: April 6, 2007, 4:56 pm

Most white people with money hate black people, and even if they don’t hate them they still think they’re less then them. Paris is just your typical racist white bitch.I think she should be shot in the head for saying that stuff. She got paid to kiss a black dude, big wow.I think anyone defending the use of racist terms is beyond ignorant.