Paris, I love you!

A Tribute by Joe (aka. enbis78)

The excitement mounts as the car door poens
"That's her! I can see her! Right there!"
Now all of the people are screaming and shouting
At the girl with the long, blonde hair.

With a perfect body and sun-bronzed skin
And eyes that shine so bright,
With a face of true, iconic beauty
And a smile that lights up the night.

As she poses for pictures and signs for her fans,
It's a moment they'll never forget,
When their lives were brightened and touched by her presence,
Though just for a few seconds they met.

So who is this Star, this Heavenly Beauty,
This Icon of Wordwide Fame?
She's a 21st Century American Princess,
Paris Whitney Hilton by name.

She leads a glamorous life of parties and premieres
And yachts under the shining sun,
Or shopping sprees in Milan and New York:
She sure knows how to have fun!

As an heiress, this is the life she was born to.
She deserves it; it's hers by right.
But try telling that to these sad, jealous haters
Full of bitterness, envy and spite.

Is it Paris' fault she's an heiress to millions?
Or her fault she's sexy and hot?
So love and respect her for the person she is,
Don't hate her for the things that she's got!

Plus there's so much more to her than being an heiress.
She's talented, hard-working and smart.
She's earned her own millions through all of her projects,
And her music is a true work of art.

Socialite, model, best-selling author,
Singer, TV and movie star too.
Businesswoman, clothes and jewellery designer,
Is there nothing that Paris can't do?

And she'd never look down on us ordinary folks
Like some spoilt, snobby bitch.
She's kind and sweet, and treats everyone the same,
No matter if they're poor or rich.

But she always had to deal with small-minded hatred,
And in court it was all just the same,
When a bitter old judge made a mockery of justice,
And punished poor Paris for her fame.

To put this sweet girl through such hell on earth
Was horribly, disgracefully wrong,
But her family stood by her, and Paris got through it,
And the support of her fans kept her strong.

Instead of feeling bitter about how she was treated,
She was positive, humble and real
About how she learned to appreciate the simple things,
Like a good bed or a decent meal.

She talked so movingly about her ordeal
And the new outlook it gave her on life,
And her desire to help others through charity work,
To heal all their troubles and strife.

I always felt she was a caring and kind-hearted person,
But now there was really no doubt.
Paris is amazing, so wonderful and special,
Beautiful inside and out.

So come and join the ever-growing Hilton army
And be proud to be a Paris fan.
Give her all the love and respect she deserves
And support her any way that you can.

Buy all her CDs, her books and her products.
Wear her fragrance wherever you go.
Watch her movies and TV shows, or buy her clothes,
And if she tours, give love at the show.

Together, every little thing makes a difference,
The support shown by me or by you.
We can help her succeed in all of her projects,
And help all her dreams to come true.

It's my ultimate dream to meet my Goddess and Idol,
And I'm sure it will happen one day,
To tell her I love her, admire and look up to her,
And these are the words I would say:

"Oh Paris, I love you with all of my heart!
I adore and worship you!
I'm proud to be your humble, devoted fan,
And I'll always be loyal and true".