Picture: Paris Hilton out and about in Beverly Hills

Paris Hilton recently reported that “Macy’s just told [her team] that [her] new perfume “TEASE” is one of their top sellers!” She also said that she’s working on her 11th fragrance.

paris hilton

Posted: August 5th, 2010
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From: Benji
Time: August 6, 2010, 12:50 am

Heiress Rule #11. If you're happy, wear pink. If you're depressed, wear black. Black is for people who don't want to have fun with clothes and who are always hiding — in other words, depressed. No one with a truly great body wears black, trust me. And if you really want to stand out and be confident, wear white

From: Rui de Castro
Time: August 6, 2010, 1:14 am

Benji has got a point here above.

From: T.K.
Time: August 6, 2010, 8:20 am

You are taking that way too serious, Benji.

From: Ulysses Cheung
Time: August 6, 2010, 11:13 am

Dear Paris, very sexy clothes…

From: Benji
Time: August 6, 2010, 5:47 pm

I’m just pointing it out

From: scot
Time: August 6, 2010, 6:05 pm

…ANYWAY, I quite like this outfit but not feeling the hat too much. I don’t really like these hats she’s been wearing lately. This outfit could easily have looked tacky, but it doesn’t. It’s a good one.

Did people see her on Craig Ferguson? I thought she really great on it, she seemed so comfortable, still a bit shy but she was more ‘geniune’ Paris in that interview. I do love her husky voice more then the baby one. And by the sounds of things, we’ll be getting another fragrance by the end of the year.

From: scot
Time: August 6, 2010, 6:11 pm

Oh and, this is nothing but I thought it was quite sweet. Bill Moseley (Luigi Largo from Repo! the Genetic Opera) did a tweet about Paris, “Saw Paris at LA Farmer’s Market. We’ll always be brother & sister.” I thought that was really sweet, just made go “awwwh!”