Poisonous News Site TheSun.co.uk Can Confirm Us That Paris Hilton Will Be On TV Show Big Brother

Sara Nathan. Remember this name: Sara Nathan. This is a “TV Editor” who recently published an article about Paris Hilton signing up for TV show Big Brother on the incredibly unreliable news site The Sun, which runs from the U.K. The Sun makes money and gets attention by writing mostly trashy and false news about celebrities.

Sara Nathan says The Sun can “reveal” that Paris has joined Big Brother and will earn £300,000 for her role.

Now you know, I’m as skeptical as you are. The Sun is definitely not a reliable source, but ParisHiltonSite.net will tell you one thing: No major reliable source has ever confirmed that Paris Hilton has indeed been casted in Big Brother.

That’s the latest.

Posted: August 19th, 2007
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