Rich Prosecco sales boost!

Reported by Dailymail UK

The Italian sparkling wine is outselling Champagne this festive season as drinkers go for cheaper bubbly.

In the worst recession in six decades people are plumping for Prosecco, a dry white wine made from the grapes of the same name.

Cava has been a traditional alternative, but with a bkini-clad Paris Hilton fronting a range of tinned Rich Prosecco brand, the drink is seeing sales fizz in the U.S., and the UK and European markets are also doing well.

‘Times are hard and I’m selling four bottles of Prosecco for every one of Champagne,’ said Paolo Trimani, of wine merchant Trimani.

‘Prosecco has become a sexy alternative to Champagne, not just a cheap substitute.’

Prosecco makers started cutting prices in 2007, which also boosted sales.

Posted: December 22nd, 2009
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