Prosecutor not an opportunist after all

Reported by Las Vegas Review-Journal

Paris Hilton isn't the only winner in the aftermath of her misdemeanor guilty plea.

David Chesnoff cemented his reputation as defense lawyer to the stars by engineering a deal that steered the wealthy socialite away from a felony drug conviction.

And District Attorney David Roger once again handled a high-profile criminal case with professionalism.

In an election year, Roger easily could have thrust himself into the limelight at Hilton's expense, but he didn't.

Roger chose not to prosecute the case himself and didn't even show up in court when Hilton entered her plea. He also stayed clear of the throng of reporters afterward.

In the end, the deal was fashioned so that Hilton will wind up at the Clark County Detention Center if she messes up while on probation.

Posted: September 20th, 2010
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