Psychiatrist Visits Paris Hilton in Jail

Paris Hilton got her second visitor in jail: her psychiatrist.

Dr. Charles Sophy, the Beverly Hills therapist who has been treating her for the past eight months, entered the jail with Hilton’s lawyer Tuesday and stayed for about two hours.

Both left without commenting.

Last month, Sophy had told a judge that Hilton was so upset by her jail sentence that she was “not capable of any meaningful participation” in a $10 million slander and libel lawsuit against her.

“She is emotionally distraught and traumatized as a consequence of the findings at the May 4 hearing, the jail sentence imposed upon her by the judge, and her fear of incarceration,” Sophy wrote in papers filed by Hilton’s lawyers.

Sophy was the second person to see Hilton, 26, since she surrendered late Sunday night to serve at least 23 days for a probation violation in an alcohol-related driving case.

On Monday, her lawyer Richard A. Hutton saw her for several hours and said she was coping as well as possible to 23 hours a day in solitary confinement.


Posted: June 5th, 2007
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From: Sabrinia
Time: June 5, 2007, 9:19 pm

I know b/c of doctor-patient confidentiality we’ll never know what Paris said to her psychiatrist but I’m curious. I wonder what he’s treating her for? I know her attorney can visit her daily, I hope her doctor can as well b/c honestly in some ways a psychiatrist is just as important as an attorney. They can help you to stay mentally healthy and I know this has to be a mentally straining time for Paris.

From: andrejfromlatvia
Time: June 6, 2007, 12:39 pm

She must say,that she have problem with health…and I think that her can let out in freedom in some 5,6 days….