Reality Show With Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan? It Won’t Happen

Lindsay’s father, Michael’s idea, but he’s just saying it; doesn’t mean it will happen…

Lindsay Lohan’s father wants her and Paris Hilton to star in a new reality show.

Lindsay’s father Michael, who was due to be released from prison yesterday (13.03.07), wants to be stranded on a desert island with Lindsay, Paris, Jessica Simpson and their fathers.

Producer Brett Hudson said: “Michael is very creative. You can see where Lindsay got her drive and her talent. He has a few reality shows he wants to pitch – including one in which he and Lindsay are put on a desert island with Paris Hilton, Jessica Simpson and their dads. We’ll be going along when he does that.

“We’ll be with him when he tries to ‘save’ some of his old Hollywood pals.”

Michael’s other ideas include offering Sunset Boulevard prostitutes money to talk through their problems.

Brett said: “He has other ideas, like going out on Sunset Boulevard and giving a prostitute a hundred dollar bill – not for sex, but for her time so he can talk to her and try to save her. He wants to make things right with the world. And especially with his family.”


Posted: March 15th, 2007
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